Security and Privacy

Robust security and privacy controls, protecting sensitive
legal information and ensuring compliance

Top legal firms trust Clarra not only for its case management but also for its robust security, privacy, and access controls. Our clients represent a commitment to excellence and innovation in legal services.

Why Clarra for Security and Privacy

Customized for Security and Access
Multi-Factor Authentication
Mitigate risk in the litigation process. Streamline legal operations with top-tier encryption, multi-factor authentication, and
Hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers that are HIPAA, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 compliant, Clarra’s servers use military-grade
Roles-Based Access Controls (RBAC)
Tailor user access with more than 70 detailed permission settings, allowing specific visibility and editing rights based
Matter Access Management
Control who has access to each matter by restricting access by user, team, and group. Provide third-party access to specific
Audit Trails
Maintain comprehensive logs of all user activity, ensuring accountability and enabling traceability for every action within the system.
Compliance Assurance
Stay compliant with industry standards and regulations, as Clarra’s security features are designed to help our clients meet

Comprehensive Security and Privacy

Clarra users can rest assured their data, access, and PII is secure and they remain compliant.

  • Encryption of data at rest
  • Encryption of data in motion
  • MFA (SMS, email, authenticator)
  • Login with Google
  • Customize access for custom roles based on 70+ permissions

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Other Features

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Clarra's billing system streamlines the invoicing process, enabling precise tracking and billing for legal services. It ensures accuracy and simplifies financial workflows for both lawyers and clients.

Event Management

Effortlessly schedule and track all case-related events with Clarra's integrated event management tools.


Accurately log time spent on each matter, enhancing billing accuracy and efficiency.