Secure Collaboration

Clarra’s security controls protect confidentiality and privacy

Securing sensitive legal communications and data is paramount. Clarra's security policies and controls are designed to provide robust security measures that safeguard your firm's communications and data integrity, ensuring your legal operations are protected at all levels.

Secure Collaboration with Clarra: Protecting Confidential Legal Data

  • Secure Authentication

    Enhance your security posture with Clarra’s Secure Authentication. By supporting Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and enabling seamless integration with Google and Microsoft logins, we ensure that your Clarra account is accessed only by authenticated and authorized users.

  • API Security

    Secure your integrations with robust API security protocols. Clarra’s APIs are designed to maintain high-security standards, protecting your data exchanges from vulnerabilities and ensuring safe connectivity with your other critical applications.

  • Roles-Based Permissions

    Define and enforce roles-based access controls (RBAC) within Clarra to limit what users can view, edit, and delete. With more than eighty permissions that can be customized for each role, Clarra allows administrators to tailor permissions for many different users such as attorneys, paralegals, IT, accounting, contractors, co-counsel, outside counsel, and more.

  • Military-Grade Encryption

    Protect your case data with military-grade encryption standards. At Clarra, we encrypt all data at rest and in transit to prevent data breaches and ensure that your client's information remains confidential and secure from external threats.
  • Matter Access Controls

    Manage and restrict access to case information effectively with Clarra's Matter Access Controls. Restrict access to each matter by user, team, or group to allow secure collaboration with internal users, co-counsel, outside counsel, contractors, litigation financiers, and partners.
  • Compliant Data Centers

    Our commitment to security extends to our infrastructure. Clarra's services are hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers that are SOC 2, HIPAA, and ISO 270001 compliant. Clarra maintains security policies and controls and is in the process of being assessed for compliance with these same standards.