Transform your practice with clarra’s cutting-edge
integration features

Elevate your legal practice’s efficiency and capability with Clarra, offering a suite of integration features designed for modern legal environments. Discover how our platform ensures seamless integration and customization.

Transform Your Practice with Clarra's Seamless Integration Features

  • Modern Tech Stack

    Built on a scalable and secure platform hosted in Microsoft Azure, Clarra leverages modern cloud technologies that make it easy to scale, customize, and secure. Clarra integrates with your existing business, accounting, and legal tech systems, ensuring a smooth transition and efficient operation.

  • REST-based Public API

    With a secure and well-documented public API, Clarra supports seamless third-party integrations, enhancing your system’s connectivity and functionality.

  • Zapier Integration

    Extend Clarra’s functionality by integrating with Zapier, giving you access to thousands of apps and automation options that enhance your productivity and reduce manual work.

  • No-Code Customization

    Modify Clarra to fit your law firm’s unique processes with our intuitive no-code customization tools. Connect with over 6,000 applications through Zapier for a fully customizable experience without needing technical skills.
  • API Security

    Secure your data and maintain compliance with rigorous API security and strong authentication, ensuring your information is protected at every level.
  • Professional Services

    Take advantage of our expert team’s dedicated support and professional services to ensure your integration process is smooth and your system is optimized for peak performance.

Expand Your Capabilities with Strategic Integrations

Event Management

Keep your schedule in sync with integrations for Microsoft 365 Calendar, Google Calendar, and CalendarRules, supporting one-way sync options to maintain your calendar effortlessly.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Create powerful custom reports and automate your reporting processes with our REST API and Zapier integration, turning data into actionable insights.

Advanced Automation

Automate routine tasks and streamline your workflow through our extensive API capabilities, including application-specific API keys and access to a sandbox environment for testing.