Empower your firm for rapid customization and efficiency

Clarra empowers your law firm with the ability to rapidly customize case management to fit your unique needs. Improve customer responsiveness, budgeting, visibility, and control of the entire litigation life cycle from retainer to resolution. Discover how our platform makes transformation more seamless and effective.

Let Clarra Help Tailor Your Firm

  • Global Property Customization

    Customize Clarra’s global properties to align with your law firm’s terminology and specific case management requirements, ensuring a tailored experience.

  • REST-based Public API

    Seamlessly integrate Clarra with other systems using our REST-Based Public API, ensuring modern tech stack compatibility and enabling rapid data exchange.

  • Fully Transform Clarra

    While optimized for the litigation process, Clarra can be customized to manage cases for a variety of applications such as claims management, licensing and rights management, contract management, project management, and records management—again without any coding required.

  • Custom Feature Development

    Leverage Clarra's flexibility to develop custom features that address your firm’s unique needs, allowing for rapid adaptation and transformation.
  • Professional Services

    Benefit from our professional services team's expertise and support to rapidly implement and optimize Clarra for your firm's workflows and processes.

Expand Your Capabilities with Strategic Integrations

Event Management

Keep your schedule in sync with integrations for Microsoft 365 Calendar, Google Calendar, and CalendarRules, supporting one-way sync options to maintain your calendar effortlessly.

Customizable Reports and Dashboards

Create powerful custom reports and automate your reporting processes with our REST API and Zapier integration, turning data into actionable insights.

Advanced Automation

Automate routine tasks and streamline your workflow through our extensive API capabilities, including application-specific API keys and access to a sandbox environment for testing.