No-Code Customization

Empower your legal practice with self-service customization tools

Clarra transforms how legal teams manage their workflows. One of the key ways we do this is by eliminating the need for complex coding. Discover how our platform empowers professionals to customize effortlessly and enhance operational efficiency.

Revolutionize Your Case Management with No-Code Customization

  • Data Properties

    Configure and manage case-related data with Clarra’s user-friendly properties. Define your data parameters with ease to align with your case management processes, ensuring all relevant information is captured and categorized accurately.

  • Access Controls

    Robust access control settings maximize security and operational efficiency. Clara allows you to define who can view or edit case information, safeguard sensitive data, and ensure that team members have the access they need to perform their roles effectively.

  • Transform Clarra for Your Needs

    While designed to handle the complex needs of litigation, Clarra can be customized to manage cases for a variety of applications such as claims management, licensing and rights management, contract management, project management, and records management—again without any coding required.

  • Custom Fields

    Tailor your case management experience with customizable fields that cater to your unique legal workflows. Adapt Clarra's environment to fit your firm's needs by creating bespoke fields for matters, contacts, and more. Users can conform Clarra to the firm’s protocols and procedures, all without a single line of code.
  • Integration

    Seamlessly connect Clarra with a vast array of applications. With no-code integration options, link your case management system to over 6,000 apps through Zapier, facilitating cross-functional cohesion and enhancing your firm's legal service delivery.