Seamless integration with essential legal and business
tools for streamlined practice management

Prominent law firms trust Clarra's ability to integrate with critical business and financial tools and services that are complementary to the litigation process. Our clients represent a commitment to excellence and innovation in legal services.

Why Clarra for Integration

Customized for Seamless Integration
Grow Your Firm
Leverage Clarra’s seamless integration capabilities to expand your law firm. Integrating with a wide range of legal tech systems, including 6,000+
Improve Efficiency
Clarra’s modern tech stack and REST-based Public API streamline your workflows. The ease of No-Code Customization and the efficiency
Improve Visibility
Gain comprehensive insights into your operations with Clarra’s integration with analytics platforms and automated reporting tools. Combining
Simplify Matter Management
Clarra simplifies case management by integrating essential tools like Microsoft 365 and Google Workspaces for event
Modernize Case Management
Clarra’s integration feature reshapes case and practice management, offering a unified platform that seamlessly connects with a

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Other Features

Clarra seamlessly incorporates integration capabilities into its extensive legal practice management system, delivering unified and streamlined functionality across all key aspects.

Matter Management

Streamline and organize every aspect of your cases with Clarra's comprehensive matter management system, ensuring efficient case progression and oversight.

Event Management

Effortlessly schedule and track all case-related events with Clarra's integrated event management tools.


Accurately log time spent on each matter, enhancing billing accuracy and efficiency.