Challenges of Maintaining

Several factors get in the way of establishing and maintaining visibility within a law firm. There is a lack of real-time reporting, as well as the use of disparate business and legal tech systems. Firms’ collaboration with co-counsel or outside counsel complicates visibility. Manual reporting processes further complicate tracking actual expenses and revenue effectively.

There is also a lack of forecasting for recoveries and inadequate tracking of settlement phases. This can all hinder efficiency, and the reliance on manual reporting exacerbates these issues, making it difficult to maintain a clear, real-time view of matter information.

Clarra Case Management Promotes Firmwide Visibility

Clarra is a cloud-based case management application that is optimized for litigation and handling legal matters efficiently. Clarra dramatically improves visibility and collaboration.

Real-Time Status Updates on Matters

Clarra provides comprehensive matter dashboards to track milestones, recoveries, timekeeping, docketing status, deadlines, tasks, and appointments. Firm leaders, attorneys, and staff gain immediate insights into case progress for timely decision-making and enhanced case management efficiency.

Track Matter Milestones

Clarra offers detailed tracking and status updates of milestones, integrating milestone reporting directly on the Matter Dashboard. Clients can better monitor critical case components, ensuring no significant deadlines are missed.

Track Estimated and Actual Recoveries 

Clarra tracks recoveries, cost splits, fee splits, and settlement phases, providing a comprehensive financial overview. Firms can now forecast and track financials more accurately, improving financial management and planning.

Improve Firmwide Visibility of Case Information

Clarra offers cloud-based access on desktops, mobile, and smart devices, providing real-time visibility and granular matter access with roles-based permissions. This enhances the management of case information, ensuring all team members have the necessary information, regardless of location.

Comprehensive Tracking of Deadlines, Tasks, and Appointments

The matter dashboard includes features for tracking deadlines, tasks, and appointments, ensuring effective management and visibility of legal cases.
This integrated approach prevents oversight and maintains continuous case progression.

Secure Collaboration

Clarra’s matter access controls and granular permissions allow law firms and in-house counsel to share access securely with co-counsel, outside counsel, contract case managers, litigation financiers, and partners. Clarra allows firms to stay in sync in real-time on every case with limited manual reporting.

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.