Streamlined management of legal events and deadlines

Leading litigation law firms rely on Clarra's event management capabilities to handle the complexities of docketing, deadline management, and the coordination of tasks and appointments across the firm.

Why Clarra for Event Management

Customized for Event Management
Grow Your Firm
Clarra’s event management facilitates scaling your legal operations, allowing you to handle more complex litigation and increase your
Improve Efficiency
Automate and streamline event scheduling and tracking of appointments, deadlines, tasks, and reminders reduce time spent
Improve Visibility
Clarra gives you a complete view of all related events through dynamic dashboards and updates in real-time so you’re always ready for what’s next.
Never Miss Deadlines
With Clarra, automatic reminders and a unified calendar system ensure you always meet critical deadlines.
Simplify Matter Management
Clarra’s user-friendly platform makes managing all legal events straightforward and practical, from scheduling meet and confers to tracking court dates.
Modernize Case Management
Clarra’s event management system is a key component in modernizing case management, enabling law firms to integrate event scheduling

Comprehensive Event Management

Clarra ensures flawless event management, delivering tailored experiences from planning to execution.

  • Consolidated view of appointments, deadlines, tasks, and reminders
  • Filter view of events by appointment, deadlines, tasks, and reminders
  • Microsoft 365 Calendar Integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • Track milestone events

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Other Features

Explore Clarra's comprehensive suite of features, each designed to enhance different aspects of your legal practice beyond event management.

Matter Management

Improve case handling with our all-encompassing matter management system for complete case oversight.


Clarra’s precise timekeeping feature simplifies the recording of billable hours, ensuring accurate billing.

Document Management

With Clarra, securely managing and accessing case documents becomes effortless, efficiently supporting your firm’s document-intensive needs.