Tailored legal workflows and personalized user experiences to meet your firm's unique needs

Prominent law firms trust and have come to rely on Clarra's No-Code Customization features to tailor their legal workflows according to their unique needs. Their commitment to excellence and innovation in legal services is evident in their choice of Clarra.

Why Clarra for Customization

Customized for legal workflows and personalized user experiences
Enhanced Efficiency
Customization streamlines processes, eliminating unnecessary steps and optimizing workflow efficiency.
Tailored Workflows
Clarra’s customization options allow law firms to tailor their workflows to match their specific requirements. From case management
Flexibility and Adaptability
With Clarra, customization isn’t just about fitting into existing workflows; it’s about adapting to future needs.
Improved User Experience
Personalized dashboards and interfaces enhance the user experience, making it easier for legal professionals
As law firms grow and evolve, Clarra scales with them. Customization options allow firms to expand their usage of Clarra’s features
Modernize Case Management
Clarra offers customizable workflows to match your law firm’s unique needs, ensuring efficiency across case and billing

Comprehensive Customization

Clarra gives users the ability to tailor sections, codes, and access to make it perfect, all without any coding.

  • Customize matter types
  • Create and edit favorite views for events table
  • Control permissions for users, admins, and superadmins
  • Customize the primary office handling
  • Customize access for custom roles based on 70+ permissions

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Other Features

Customization is just one of the powerful features Clarra offers. Explore additional features that enhance every aspect of your legal practice.


Streamline financial management with Clarra's comprehensive billing features.

Document Management:

Securely store, manage, and access case documents in one centralized location.


Log time spent on tasks with accuracy, enhancing billing and resource allocation.