Contact Management

Enhanced client engagement and network oversight

Prominent law firms trust Clarra’s contact management feature to nurture and expand their client base and professional network. Our clients represent a commitment to leveraging technology for superior client engagement and service.

Why Clarra for Contact Management

Customized for Contacts
Grow Your Firm
Clarra’s advanced contact management system expands your firm’s client base and network. Efficient organization
Improve Efficiency
Clarra streamlines how your firm manages contact information. Update contact details, track communication history, and access
Improve Visibility
Achieve instant access to an overarching view of all your contacts with Clarra’s dashboard. It offers real-time insights into
Never Miss Deadlines
With Clarra’s integrated reminders and alerts, you’re always ahead of important dates related to your contacts, such as
Simplify Matter Management
Clarra enhances matter management by linking contacts directly to matters, simplifying the management of case information and
Modernize Case Management
Clarra’s integration of billing, expense management, and payment tracking streamlines your case management system.

Comprehensive Matter Management

Clarra orchestrates every element, delivering seamless legal solutions for diverse challenges.

  • Create new individual and company contacts
  • Link an individual to a company contact
  • Link a contact to a matter and indicate the connection type
  • Create custom fields for contacts
  • View key contacts on matter dashboard

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.

Other Features

Beyond contact management, Clarra offers a suite of tools designed to enhance every aspect of legal practice management.

Matter Management

Streamline case handling with our comprehensive matter management system, ensuring all case details are organized and accessible.


Accurately track time spent on various tasks and cases with Clarra’s easy-to-use timekeeping feature, simplifying billing and productivity analysis.

Document Management

Efficiently manage all your case documents in a secure, centralized location, accessible from anywhere, at any time.