Closed-Loop Docketing

Top law firms rely on Clarra’s Closed-Loop Docketing to ensure no task is unassigned or deadline is missed. Track sent and received documents and correspondence that require docketing.

Explore the numerous benefits that Clarra's Closed-Loop Docketing offers to law firms seeking to enhance their case management process and capabilities.

Streamline Legal Operations with Closed-Loop Docketing

  • Track All Events and Tasks

    Keep a comprehensive record of every case event and task. Clarra’s system ensures that all critical dates and milestones are monitored and managed effectively, reducing the risk of oversights.

  • ClarraDocs

    Manage all your incoming documents and correspondence seamlessly. ClarraDocs integrates document handling into the docketing process, allowing for quick access to case files, secure document storage, and efficient retrieval, enhancing security, accountability, and accessibility.

  • Custom Reporting

    Generate tailored reports that provide deep insights into your firm’s operations. Custom reporting tools allow you to analyze data specific to your needs, helping you make informed decisions to drive your law firm’s success.

  • Audit Docketing

    Maintain impeccable records with audit-ready docketing. This feature allows you to track changes and access historical data with ease, ensuring transparency and accountability throughout the case.
  • Court Rules Automation

    Stay compliant with court procedures, rules, and deadlines without manual intervention. Clarra automatically updates case timelines based on the latest court rules, simplifying compliance and minimizing the risk of deadlines being missed.