Accelerate Growth

Challenges of Growing Your Firm

Growing a law firm involves several potential roadblocks, such as managing cash flow, budgets, hiring, and the details and efficiency of a case. Inefficiency and lack of case management systems cause firms to compromise visibility and profitability. Firms often use case management platforms that are not the right fit for their area of law, which can stifle growth. Matter information is often scattered across different systems, making access and management difficult. Manual reporting on events, docketing, and recoveries is time-consuming, often relying on spreadsheets, Google Drive, and email. These issues hinder scalability and can lead to lost information, ultimately impacting the firm’s growth and productivity.

Clarra Case Management for Growth

Clarra is a cloud-based case management application that is optimized for litigation and handling legal matters efficiently. Clarra positions its clients for growth.

Add New Attorneys Without Adding Staff

Clarra helps firms to scale without adding two to three staff members per new attorney. Clarra offers event management and reporting features that reduce manual workload. Our closed-loop docketing approach streamlines operations.

Add New Matters Without Adding Staff

Firms need to handle more cases without expanding the workforce. Manual reporting on events and matters can be cumbersome, but Clarra addresses this with features like bulk import of matters and a consolidated view of deadlines, tasks, appointments, and reminders, simplifying matter management. Firms using these tools have been able to take on thousands of matters without needing additional personnel.

Expand to Handle New Practice Areas

An increase in cases leads firms to diversify and manage additional practice areas. Existing case management platforms may be limited to specific types of law, such as transactional or only personal injury. When it comes to complex litigation, Clarra supports nesting of sub-matters for complex cases like mass torts or mediation and offers time tracking tailored to civil cases to maximize fee recoveries. Law firms have utilized these capabilities to expand into new legal fields, managing intricate cases with ease.

Improve Visibility of Matter Status, Deadlines, and Profitability

More cases means more data to manage. Clarra eases the monitoring and management of case details and financial recoveries. Matter information can often be scattered across different systems, and manual reporting is time-consuming. Clarra includes matter, user, and manager dashboards, custom reports, and detailed filtering and views for comprehensive management of matters, events, timekeeping, documents, and contacts. By implementing these features, firms have significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of their case and financial management processes.

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.