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Clarra is designed to reduce the amount of manual and paper-based tasks at high-volume, docket-driven litigation firms. Clarra improves caseload efficiency by simplifying the organization of matter information, deadlines, tasks, final documents, timekeeping, and reporting.

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Clarra works with all the tools you already have in place. No rip-and-replace, and no complex integrations. You can start Clarra today with our Five Matters for Free Forever™ program. You don’t need a credit card, and we won’t mask any features.

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Collaborate and Win

Clarra is designed for all roles in the law firm—from the managing partner to the attorneys, administrators, paralegals, and professional staff. Improve visibility across your whole team and improve the speed, efficiency, and cost of litigation.

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Clarra Will Help Your Law Firm

Clarra was designed to help small to medium-sized law firms manage complex details, eliminate errors, save time, and collect fees faster.

Manage Complex Matters

Managing your resources and investments across multiple matters small or large and complex matters is essential to driving firm profitability. Our features have been built using best practices and business workflows that simplify operations and recognizes the complexity of managing deadlines, time, judges, partners, and team members over long periods of time.

Track Final Documents

We created Clarra to be your single source of truth. Upload incoming and outgoing final documents and correspondence using our Mail Log. Easily associate tags and matters to a file. Quickly create an event or deadline linked to that matter and file.

Firmwide and Matter-based Reporting

View billing, timekeeping, trial calendars, and activity reports. Create custom reports or use our SQL report builder tool to create detailed reports tailored to your firm’s needs.

Manage Details Across Matters

Track your resources across matters. With Clarra, you can track the attorneys, paralegals, partners, courts, events, deadlines, timekeeping, and more.

Pricing Aligns With Firm Growth

Clarra’s simple pricing plan allows firms to get started for free. The low per-user fees allow firms to manage up to 500 matters. After that, you pay depending on the number of active matters you manage.

Clarra Features and Capabilities

Clarra is the single source of truth for everything associated with your matters. Our key features include the following.


Manage high-volume or complex matters. Track all documents, events, contacts, time, and costs for your caseload.

Mail Log

Log incoming and outgoing mail, documents, and correspondence associated with your matters. Quickly find the most current versions of your documents, helping you reduce errors.


Track appointments, tasks, and deadlines. Easily calculate dockets through Clarra’s integration with CalendarRules, Outlook, and other calendars.


Track all contacts and associate them with matters, events, deadlines, documents, mail, and more.


Record the time, billing rates, and resources associated with each matter whether billed to a client or not.


Keep track of important trends and details across matters. Create custom reports or use our SQL report builder.

User Control

Set reminders, customize data properties, integrate calendars, and enable multi-factor authentication.

Account Management

Manage company information, users, roles, integrations, data properties, notifications, privacy and security.


Multi-factor authentication, Microsoft and Google login options, roles based access controls, and encryption.

Enterprise-class Security

We take security seriously. We allow you to authenticate using multi-factor authentication, Microsoft or Google Identity Platforms, or Microsoft Active Directory. Your data is store and sent encrypted. We follow strict secure software development practices.

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