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Enterprise Pricing Plans are available for managing more than 200 active matters per month. Contact Us. *CalendarRules Integration requires a separate agreement directly with CalendarRules.

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*Average of published pricing of Clio, Cosmolex, ZolaSuite, MyCase, PracticePanther, and RocketMatter

Frequently Asked Questions

Matter-based pricing charges you per matter you’re actively managing. We categorize matters as being Open (Active), Closed, Archived and PNC (potential new client). You are charged only for Open Matters. Our paid monthly pricing plans include a certain number of Open Matters. Each additional Open Matter is charged an additional fee per month.

Getting started is simple. Just click on the Start for Free button to get started. No credit card is required.

On average, Clarra’s Matter-based pricing delivers 25% to 50% cost savings vs User-based pricing. User-based pricing ranges from $39 to $125 per user per month. Our Matter-based pricing includes adding an unlimited number of users, making it easy to get started.

Law practice and legal case management software allows law firms to manage and track matters, events, contacts, timekeeping, and billing. Delivered as a cloud-based software-as-a-service (Saas) application, Clarra’s law practice management software reduces the expenses associated with managing and maintaining your own IT infrastructure.

Yes. Our Free plan allows you to use Clarra to manage up to two matters. If you decide to grow with us, you can pay $10 per additional matter per month or trade up to one of our monthly paid plans. Our Monthly Paid Plans are the most cost effective way to use Clarra.

If you handle complex matters, mass tort, civil litigation, or high-volume cases, such as personal injury, Clarra is for you. Our features are designed to handle contingency-based fees as well as client fee-based arrangements. Our application was designed to optimize the workflows for complex litigation. You’ll be able to manage more matters and ensure you collect fees faster and never miss a deadline.

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