Talent Agencies

Take control of critical information about your clients and their business dealings

Growing Your Talent Agency

A talent agency’s head of business affairs, general counsel, and CFO face challenges such as negotiating complex contracts, managing client expectations, and ensuring legal compliance. They oversee financial management, risk mitigation, litigation, and strategic planning to attract and retain talent. Balancing diverse client needs, maintaining industry relationships, and adapting to market changes are crucial for success. Additionally, ethical considerations, crisis management, and leveraging technology to enhance operations are essential to drive the agency’s growth and maintain its reputation.

Clarra Case Management Optimized for Talent Agencies

Clarra is a cloud-based case management solution that streamlines and organizes contracts, clients, licensing, rights, and intellectual property (IP). We simplify the complex management of contracts, producers, directors, networks, and talent to allow talent agencies to provide the best guidance to their clients. Learn more about Clarra’s capabilities.

Improve Visibility

With Clarra, gain a comprehensive view of your contracts and all parties through real-time updates and customizable dashboards that provide detailed insights into every contract. Link parties to multiple contracts, investigate precedence, and track a calendar of rights use, royalties, licensing, and payment deadlines. This enhanced visibility facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring alignment with each project’s overall objectives.

Never Miss Deadlines

Clarra ensures you never miss deadlines with automated reminders and advanced calendar management. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google calendars and alerts you to approaching production milestones, royalties, bonuses, and licensing deadlines. Clarra enables accurate tracking and legal compliance.

Accelerate Growth

Clarra’s contract and client management system efficiently scales with your company, enhancing collaboration and communication to manage more projects without compromising your clients’ objectives. Clarra is crucial for growth and exploring new business opportunities.

Modernize Licensing and Rights Management

Clarra’s platform revolutionizes agency  management with seamless integrations across over 6,000 applications, eliminating the need for coding. Manage contracts, clients, licensing, rights, events, deadlines, and tasks effortlessly while enjoying the flexibility of customizable properties and fields and robust API capabilities.