Public Insurance Adjusters

Expand your public insurance adjuster agency and improve caseload efficiency

Growing Your Public Insurance Adjuster Agency

Public insurance adjusters navigate challenges such as managing high-volume tasks, scaling operations to respond to emergencies and natural disasters, and expanding into new specialties without sacrificing service quality. Efficient operations enable growth and better customer service. Key challenges include maintaining operational visibility, handling complex billing, and meeting diverse client needs with robust calendaring tools and high-service customization. Continued investment in technology and training is crucial for adjusters to efficiently manage growth and remain competitive in the dynamic insurance market.

Clarra Case Management Optimized for Public Insurance Adjusters

Clarra is a cloud-based case and claim management solution optimized to streamline and organize public insurance adjusters agencies. We help accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and ensure that no deadlines are missed. Learn more about Clarra’s capabilities.

Accelerate Growth

Clarra’s case management system efficiently scales with your agency, enhancing client care and communication to manage more clients without losing quality. This scalability is crucial for growing your client base and exploring new business categories, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Never Miss Deadlines

Clarra ensures you never miss deadlines with automated reminders and advanced calendar management. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google calendars, alerts you to approaching dates, and guarantees accurate tracking and compliance.

Improve Visibility

Clarra’s contract and client management system efficiently scales with your company, enhancing collaboration and communication to manage more projects without compromising your clients’ objectives. Clarra is crucial for growth and exploring new business opportunities.

Modernize Claim Management

Clarra’s platform revolutionizes case management with seamless integrations across over 6,000 applications, eliminating the need for coding. Manage claims, events, and calendars effortlessly while enjoying the flexibility of customizable properties and fields and robust API capabilities.