Independent Insurers

Streamline claims management as you grow the agency

Growing Your Independent Insurance Brokerage/Agency

Independent insurance providers face key drivers and challenges as they grow. Diversification into specialties requires expertise and balanced resources. Efficiency improves with process optimization and technology, yet change management and cost control are necessary. Automating repetitive tasks and standardizing procedures streamline operations, though resource management and accuracy are concerns. Advanced task management and automation help with deadlines and tasks, requiring coordination and accuracy. Efficient billing systems and transparent practices build trust, while managing collections and disputes is challenging. Flexibility and customization meet client needs, but balancing standardization and training is crucial. Addressing the lack of technical resources involves strategic investment and integration despite budget constraints. Strategic planning in these areas enhances competitiveness and growth.

Clarra Claim Management Optimized for Independent Insurers

Clarra is a cloud-based case and claim management solution optimized to streamline and organize public independent insurance agencies. We help accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and ensure that no deadlines are missed. Learn more about Clarra’s capabilities.

Accelerate Growth

Clarra’s case management system efficiently scales with your agency, enhancing client care and communication to manage more clients without losing quality. This scalability is crucial for growing your client base and exploring new business categories, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Never Miss Deadlines

Clarra ensures you never miss deadlines with automated reminders and advanced calendar management. It seamlessly integrates with Outlook and Google calendars, alerts you to approaching dates, and guarantees accurate tracking and compliance.

Improve Visibility

With Clarra, gain a comprehensive view of your claims through real-time updates and customizable dashboards that provide detailed insights into the status and progress of the claims. This enhanced visibility facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring each claim aligns with your agency’s objectives.

Modernize Case Management

Clarra’s platform revolutionizes case management with seamless integrations across over 6,000 applications, eliminating the need for coding. Manage claims, events, and calendars effortlessly while enjoying the flexibility of customizable properties and fields and robust API capabilities.