Clarra Case Management for Labor & Employment Litigation

Expand your labor & employment practice and improve caseload efficiency

Growing Your Labor & Employment Litigation Practice

Labor and employment litigation law firms strive to efficiently manage repetitive cases and grow their client base while also considering expansion into new areas such as Wage and Hour, Discrimination, Harassment, or Wrongful Termination. They face challenges in scaling operations, integrating advanced technologies, and providing customized services. Managing strict deadlines and complex regulations are critical issues, particularly for smaller firms grappling with the costs of sophisticated IT solutions. Balancing these factors is essential for maintaining competitiveness and client satisfaction.

Clarra Case Management Optimized for Litigation

Clarra is a cloud-based case management solution optimized for litigation. We help labor & employment litigation law firms accelerate growth, improve efficiency, and ensure no deadlines are missed. Learn more about Clarra’s capabilities.

Accelerate Growth

Clarra’s case management system efficiently scales with your law firm, enhancing case handling and client communication to manage more cases without losing quality. This scalability is crucial for growing your client base and exploring new legal markets and practice areas, ultimately improving overall efficiency.

Never Miss Deadlines

Clarra ensures you never miss deadlines with automated reminders and advanced docket management. It seamlessly integrates with court rules and calendars in jurisdictions nationwide, alerts you to approaching dates, and guarantees accurate tracking and compliance.

Improve Visibility

With Clarra, gain a comprehensive view of your cases through real-time updates and customizable dashboards that provide detailed insights into case status and progress. This enhanced visibility facilitates informed decision-making, ensuring each case aligns with your law firm’s objectives.

Modernize Case Management

Clarra’s platform revolutionizes case management with seamless integrations across over 6,000 applications, eliminating the need for coding. Manage cases, events, and timekeeping effortlessly while enjoying the flexibility of customizable properties and fields and robust API capabilities.