Why Your Law Firm Needs a Case Management System

File organization is crucial for law firms or legal service providers but improving it has always been overlooked. Most firms resist change and are not willing to spend a significant amount of money on a new system, thinking that the return of investment won’t make up for the upfront cost. But truth be told, even the most highly effective law firms can make room for improving their document organization to make the process of locating information more effective and efficient.

Operational efficiency and process effectiveness can be achieved by using Case Management Software (CMS). CMS is designed to help law offices manage client information, cases, and business matters. Its primary functions are to provide a seamless way for law offices to manage, protect, and share information as well as to track and shape cases so that they become more manageable. A CMS solution can enable smaller law firms to catch up with the “big guys” by empowering them to handle their operations and cases more efficiently.

Benefits of a Case Management System

Organize client files more effectively. A CMS solution helps law firms keep all the information about a client’s case in one accessible yet secure place. Your lawyers and staff can enter and manage case details, contact information, deadlines, task lists, and notes, among others.

Handle due dates. Managing a case involves meeting multiple deadlines — which can be quite easy to overlook. A CMS solution enables your lawyers and staff to handle and recall important due dates. It can automatically add targets into your calendar, making sure no one misses these significant targets.

Automate time and billing entries. A great number of lawyers write their billable time on paper and then encode it into a billing system at the end of the month. This is a tedious, time-consuming process. An effective and efficient CMS solution should have the ability to turn a calendar event into billable time.

Access information remotely. As work from anywhere (WFA) becomes increasingly popular, a CMS solution that can be securely accessed online is more important than ever. It enables lawyers to work from anywhere as long as they have a computer and a reliable connection.

Retrieve important documents. Most law firms have a great deal of information stored in multiple places. With case management software, your lawyers and staff can have a centralized and unified repository for all important documents.

Using the latest, state-of-the-art CMS, law firms can reduce the time and effort they spend on repetitive, menial tasks, so they can allot more time to tasks that require valuable skills and expertise.

Overall, a CMS solution can help your law firm by:

  • Improving the client experience through improved efficiency
  • Improving accuracy through error reduction
  • Improving communication between the firm and its clients
Simplify the Management of Your Law Practice

Leveraging good legal management software can help lawyers streamline their processes so they can work more efficiently and productively and focus on what truly matters: their clients.

Clarra offers a cloud-based legal practice management software that enables law firms to efficiently manage complex litigation, eliminate errors, and collect fees faster.

If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of utilizing case management software, contact us.