Never Miss Another Deadline with Clarra’s Legal Practice Management Software

According to the American Bar Association, 8.6% of legal malpractice cases result from inability to file documents on time. Failure to know the deadlines accounts for 6.6%.

As you know, if your missed deadline negatively affected a case, it could be a case for legal malpractice. Legal blunders can like this have a direct impact on the outcome of your case.

Given the amount of work attorneys have to do every day, missing deadlines can seem inevitable. Procrastination, poor planning, and other missed deadlines can all contribute to this, but the most common cause is poor file management. Every organization has struggled with poor file management at some point, and your law practice is no different. This is where a case management system can be most helpful.

A robust case managment system allows law firms to keep all the data related to a client’s case in one easily accessible but secure location. A cloud-based tool that can be accessed safely online is more crucial than ever in this era of work from anywhere (WFA). It enables lawyers to work remotely as long as they have a computer and a reliable connection. Using a case management system, your team can enter and manage case information, contact details, deadlines, task lists, and notes, among other things.

A well-implemented case management system can help firms recover important documents in case of loss. Most law firms have a lot of information saved across multiple locations. Case management software can make it easier for attorneys and staff to access critical data from one place.

By utilizing the most recent, cutting-edge case management system — such as Clarra’s cloud-based law practice and legal case management software — law firms can spend less time and effort on routine tasks and more time managing deadlines. Lawyers must meet multiple deadlines when managing a case, and they are quite easy to forget. A case management tool makes it easy for attorneys and the firm’s staff to remember significant due dates. It can also automatically add targets to your calendar so no one misses important deadlines.

Overall, Clarra’s cloud-based law practice and legal case management software can help your law firm by:

  • Easily tracking documents, correspondence, events, deadlines, resources, and contacts associated with a matter.
  • Tracking all final documents and correspondence and simplifying mail distribution.
  • Managing your dockets throughout multiple jurisdictions with Clarra’s integration with the CalendarRules docketing tool.
  • Keeping track of all of your team members, partners, clients, judges, and contacts associated with a matter.

Simplify the Management of Your Law Practice

Effective case management software can help lawyers and staffers improve their workflow and increase productivity. This allows them to concentrate on what really matters: their clients.

Clarra offers a cloud-based legal practice management software that enables law firms to efficiently manage complex litigation, eliminate errors, and serve clients more efficiently.

If you want to learn more about the features and benefits of utilizing case management software, contact us.