How Automation Can Simplify Your Law Practice

In this day and age, automation is no longer a new concept. McKinsey Global estimates that 23 percent of an attorney’s job can be automated. Even so, automation in the context of a law practice may feel like uncharted territory for managing partners considering new ways of doing business. Much of law practice automation is still at its early stages, so attornetys might wrestle with the idea of utilizing it, and may even deem it nonessential.

Truly the administrative work and practice management tasks that are required in running a practice can add up to a healthy percentage of a firm’s workload. However, mastering what may seem like repetitive tasks is integral to the growth and maintenance of a successful law firm. Managing tasks, following up with events, and docketing takes up a lot of time, and making an error can be disastrous. This is where automation can help.

Benefits of Law Office Automation

Using the latest, custom-designed automation solutions, law firms can reduce the time and effort they spend on repetitive, menial tasks, so they can allot more time to tasks that require valuable skills and expertise.

Law office automation can help your law firm by:

  • Storing data in one unified repository, reducing the need to search for important data in disparate sources
  • Improving the client experience when they interact with automated processes
  • Improving accuracy (reduces errors)
  • Improving communication between the firm and its clients
  • Lowering staff overhead costs
  • Allowing your firm to stay competitive by saving time and tracking your time and costs that can be recovered at settlement.

Law office automation can log incoming and outgoing mail, documents, and correspondence, enabling you to find critical information and data quickly and efficiently. It is critical to automateeventtracking, which enables you to track deadlines, calculate dockets by interpreting court rules, and integrate with your firm’s calendar application.

But one area where law office automation really proves to be valuable is managing high-volume or complex matters. By tracking features for all documents, events, contacts, time, and expenses, law office automation lets you manage your resources and investments across multiple matters, regardless of size or complexity. This feature is essential to driving firm profitability.

Clarra even offers matter-based pricing, meaning no per-user fees; you pay only for the number of active matters you manage.

Simplify the Management of Your Law Practice

Clarra provides cloud-based law practice and legal case management software that enables law firms to efficiently manage complex litigation, providing tools that help professionals track events and deadlines, log incoming and outgoing mail quickly and efficiently, manage contacts, eliminate errors, and more. Clarra is the single source of truth for everything associated with your matters. Some key features include:

  • Matters. Manage high-volume or complex matters. Track all documents, events, contacts, time, and expenses.
  • Mail Log. Log incoming and outgoing mail, documents, and correspondence. Find documents quickly.
  • Events. Track events and deadlines. Calculate dockets. Integrate with CalendarRules, Outlook, and other calendars.
  • Contacts. Track all contacts and associate them with matters, events, deadlines, documents, etc.
  • Timekeeping. Record the time, billing rates, and resources associated with each matter whether billed to a client or not.
  • Reporting. Keep track of important trends and details across matters. Create custom reports or use our SQL report builder.
  • User Controls. Set reminders, customize data properties, integrate calendars, and enable multi-factor authentication.
  • Account Management. Manage company information, users, roles, integrations, data properties, notifications, privacy, and security.
  • Security. Multi-factor authentication, Microsoft and Google login options, roles-based access controls, and encryption.

Clarra enables law firms to manage and track matters, events, contacts, timekeeping, expenses, and billing. Our matter-based pricing model is aligned with our clients’ success and can save as much as 24%–50% versus other practice management solutions. To learn more about how we can help your law firm, contact us.