Eliminating Errors with Law Firm Automation

Traditionally, the legal industry has predominantly been paper-based. Even now, many law firms have yet to embrace fully going paperless. But over time, automation is becoming more critical for law firms. Law firm automation can significantly help lawyers who are grappling with manual, repetitive tasks. Research says that 80 percent of lawyers struggle with doing too many administrative tasks and very little time practicing law. This lack of internal efficiency can cause more problems. Consider automating parts of your law firm to increase efficiency and improve outcomes.

The Case for Law Firm Automation

The legal industry is ready for automation. Workflow automation can be helpful for processes such as legal intake, moving matters throughout the litigation process, client report generation, scheduling, and docket management.

When applied to manual, repetitive tasks, workflow automation can immensely improve staff efficiency, eliminate errors, and reduce delays. Let us further discuss these points below.

Improve staff efficiency. Automating manual, repetitive tasks such as scheduling events and deadlines and managing incoming and outgoing email correspondence can help lawyers, paralegals, and professional staffers manage internal and external communication more efficiently and securely. Likewise, automating time entry to capture billable hours can help lawyers cut down on administrative tasks so they can focus more on critical legal matters – helping their clients.

One thing to look for in law firm automation software is a shared dashboard. This allows everyone to see a single pane, reducing the possibility of miscommunication errors and promoting transparency, collaboration, and efficiency.

Eliminate errors with docket management

Taking advantage of Clarra’s integration with CalendarRules, attorneys, paralegals, and docketers will save hours with this intuitive tool that calculates court rules and key triggers to accurately populate users’ calendars with a few keystrokes. This integration saves hours, and when dates are changed, users’ calendars and reminders are changed right in Clarra, eliminating errors once again.

Furthermore, case management software can provide a single source of truth that makes it easier to track resources, timekeeping, communication, and dockets over the life of a matter. With a centralized repository of case information, reports generation is easier and more reliable.

Eliminate Errors and Improve Visibility Across your Law Firm with Automation

The initial investment costs of legal technology will be well worth it. It will automate your firm’s workflow, improve efficiency and visibility, and eliminate errors. Speaking of costs, Clarra charges firms per open matter, with no limit on users. And a firm can manage up to five matters for free, forever.

Clarra’s cloud-based platform, which is uniquely tailored for legal professionals, is designed to suit the workflows of small to medium-sized law firms. We help law firms efficiently manage complex litigation, eliminate errors, and stay on top of their increasing client base.

Contact us today to learn more about how Clarra’s legal case management software can make your work easier so that you can focus more on complex legal issues.