Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software: An Essential for Doing Remote Work

Law firms operated almost exclusively from on-premise systems, but the COVID-19 pandemic has made working remotely a necessity rather than an option for many legal practices.

Over the last couple of years, the law firm environment has changed significantly by migrating to cloud-based law practice management software and other remotely accessible technologies. This enabled law firms to improve overall efficiency, meet client demands, effectively communicate, access important firm information, and continue with business as usual even during the pandemic.

Cloud-based law practice management software also allows law firms to use computing resources that are not locally available in the office.

Unlike on-premise systems which only grant access to those in a centralized location, cloud-based law practice management software allows access from any device by all involved team members despite being in different places. Sophisticated cloud-based law practice management systems enable law firms to gain quick access to important features regardless of location to effectively execute remote work such as:

  • Practice and Case management – Law firms are businesses that require effective management. With the right cloud-based law practice management software, law firm admins can continue to run the business even when away from the physical office so they can effectively serve clients and run a successful and profitable law firm simultaneously.
  • Electronic Signatures – Law practice is by nature a document-heavy environment. Software with electronic signature tracking that provides status updates as signatures are added can be especially convenient, especially when working remotely.
  • File Sharing – When working away from the physical office, law firms need to maintain access to client and firm data quickly and securely. Cloud-based law practice management software enables file sharing across all firm members no matter where they are.
  • Time Tracking – Revenue can be lost when timekeepers fail to accurately track their tasks. As law firm members work remotely, it becomes important for law firms to maintain policies that allow for accurate time tracking.
  • Billing – Cloud-based law practice management software offer comprehensive billing features that can simplify procedures for timely invoicing and faster client payments.

The collaboration and communication features found in most of today’s cloud-based software can keep everyone on the same page even when working remotely. When the COVID-19 restrictions were introduced, law firms with cloud systems were immediately able to continue with business as usual because members were able to access the system even if they couldn’t make it to the office. If futureproofing your law firm for unpredictable circumstances is high in your priority list, then cloud-based law practice management software is essential.