Choosing The Right Tech for Mass Tort And Class Action Case Management

As McKinsey says, the “legal ecosystem is dramatically different today, so legal departments must change as well” — and this change should include how your firm handles mass tort and class action cases

Mass tort and class action lawsuits are a “simpler way” to handle the legal complaints of a sizeable group of people against an individual or entity by having the proceeding done in one setting instead of separately.

From a case management perspective, however, mass tort and class action cases are full of complexities as they involve dealing with mountains of paperwork from start to finish. Amalgamating various information and evidence from individual plaintiffs to build a solid case alone can be extremely laborious, particularly when done manually.

Digital solutions help simplify mass tort and class action case management. Forward-thinking legal professionals invest in digital solutions to eliminate manual processes that are time-consuming, cumbersome, prone to errors, and costly. Almost half of 490 surveyed law firm practitioners revealed that technology has helped them (43%) and their attorneys (49%) focus on higher-level tasks.

But how do you know which is the right solution for your firm?

How to choose the right case management solution

There are many options in the market. To narrow down your choices, consider the following:

  • What are the specific pain points and challenges your office face when handling mass tort and class action cases?
  • What are the bottlenecks that prevent you from streamlining the entire process while ensuring confidentiality and security?
  • What specific areas do you want to improve or innovate?

Because mass tort and class action suits deal with multiple plaintiffs, look for a technology solution that allows you to streamline data/document management, communications, scheduling, and timekeeping.

With the right technology solution for legal, you will be able to:

    • More easily and safely manage mountains of reports and documents

Look for a software solution that enables you to establish a Single Source of Truth for frictionless and secure account management, improved transparency, and increased visibility into all matters.

    • Streamline information exchange

Invest in a technology platform that allows you to leverage various cutting-edge messaging tools — including chat, email, and call. It should allow you to communicate using the channel of your and your clients’ choice while keeping all the correspondence, attachments, and other exchanged information on a single platform. It should also let you easily track all contacts and associate them with events, matters, documents, deadlines, and other crucial attributes.

    • Automate scheduling and timekeeping

Scheduling and timekeeping for mass torts and class action lawsuits are particularly complex and difficult because you are dealing with multiple entities or individuals.

Invest in a digital solution that allows you to easily track events and deadlines; calculate dockets; and record the time, billing rates, and resources associated with each matter whether billed to a client or not. Opt for a solution that can easily be integrated with CalendarRules, Outlook, and other calendars for frictionless scheduling and timekeeping.

More tips

Cloud-based solutions enable you to store and manage documents in the Cloud and access them easily and securely anytime and anywhere. This empowers you to more efficiently cater to your individual clients’ needs.

Cloud-based solutions also let you take advantage of Internet-based communication and collaboration tools to provide your clients with frictionless information exchange and a 24/7 client experience.

Security should also be a top priority when narrowing down your choices. Choose a technology that provides high-level security — including multi-factor authentication, Microsoft and Google login options, roles-based access controls, and encryption.


Handling mass tort and class action cases can be more complex and difficult when you manage them using manual methods.

To simplify mass tort and class action case management and ensure positive customer experiences, invest in a cutting-edge Cloud-based solution that allows you to streamline data/document management, communication, collaboration, scheduling, and timekeeping.

If you need expert help in selecting the right technology for your firm, feel free to reach out to us. Let’s talk.