Clarra Unveils Case Management SAAS Application Tailored for Docket-Driven Law Firms

After over two years of development, rigorous testing, and ongoing growth, Clarra officially launched its legal case and practice management SaaS application on October 3, 2023. Please click HERE to access the full press release.

Here are a few of the many reasons Clarra’s founders knew that they were building an application that would fill a niche:

  • Many firms still rely on outdated, on-premises case and practice management tools.
  • The market is filled with tools that were designed for client-focused transactional law firms that are fully client-centric. These products lack the flexibility or reporting capabilities needed to make them useful to a large number of litigation law firms across the country with their own unique workflows.
  • There is consistent market feedback that the existing practice and case management offerings are difficult to implement (often taking nearly a year), challenging to use, with inflexible architecture that does not help growing, docket-driven law firms.

Conversations with current customers, attorneys, paralegals, and firm administrators helped to confirm the reason Clarra was brought to the market. The feedback aligns with the three key differentiators that set Clarra apart from existing platforms.

Clarra is Simple

At first glance, users will appreciate the user-friendly and intuitive interface, clearly demonstrating the developers’ commitment to simplifying the application. But here’s the secret: It’s easy because it was built for litigation to begin with, so, it just makes sense. Here are some of the ways Clarra keeps it simple:

  • Intuitive interface
  • Designed for managing the litigation lifecycle
  • Insightful dashboard
Clarra is Highly Efficient (and powerful)

Clarra is designed to empower attorneys and paralegals to achieve more in less time. Here’s how Clarra enhances efficiency:

  • Matter Quicklinks provide one-click access to essential matter information
  • Docketing automation that simplifies the management of deadlines, tasks, appointments, and reminders ensuring no deadlines will be missed
  • Fast and straightforward timekeeping
  • Custom reports that allow firms to keep track of the status of matters, deadlines, timekeeping, documents, and recoveries
  • Custom properties and fields that allow firms to tailor Clarra to their needs
Clarra is Affordable

Clarra is $47 per user per month, which is 25 to 50% less than other case management solutions. For a law firm with ten employees, that could be a $4,500 savings in case management subscription costs per year (the average cost of a case management system is $83 per user per month). Furthermore, Clarra provides a free option, allowing firms to use it to manage up to five open matters indefinitely.

Discover How Clarra Can Transform Your Firm

To explore how Clarra can guide your firm through the litigation lifecycle, request a free demo by clicking here. Alternatively, you can start using Clarra for free right away, without the need for a credit card. Simply sign up here and access your Clarra dashboard to embark on your growth journey with confidence.


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