Join Other Excellent Attorneys Who Start Their Mornings with Clarra

Top legal professionals approach their work purposefully, ready to tackle any challenge. According to Simply Law, many lawyers share the habit of starting their workday quite early, often being the first ones to arrive at the office each day. They believe that working during the quieter hours before the office officially opens allows them to be more productive and focused.

What distinguishes highly effective legal professionals is their ability to maximize their mornings.

What their morning looks like

High-performing legal professionals begin their mornings in the quiet of the early hours, organizing their days to boost productivity. They start by prioritizing their schedules, cases, deadlines, tasks, and work for the day.

They use Clarra, a simple-to-use legal software solution, to streamline this process. Clarra is a powerful case management tool that empowers legal professionals to optimize their morning routines and free up time for other valuable activities.

Focused on the task at hand

Once comfortably seated at their desks, often accompanied by a steaming cup of coffee or any preferred beverage, they seamlessly access Clarra’s dashboard to obtain a holistic and detailed overview of their day. This unified approach eliminates the need to switch between multiple devices, waste time looking for information, or get sidetracked by irrelevant notifications.

Highly-efficient lawyers maintain their focus on the task at hand, utilizing Clarra’s features to quickly access vital information related to the matter they are handling. Taking advantage of Clarra’s Quicklinks, they can jump to related contacts, events, mail logs, and timekeeping with just a few clicks, eliminating the need for other tools.

Stay on top of deadlines

With Clarra, they effortlessly notify team members and manage contacts associated with a case, all within a single platform. As they review and update case details, team members are automatically informed, facilitating real-time communication and seamless collaboration.

Using Clarra’s Events feature, they can also quickly review, add, and manage events. They can swiftly link each event to the relevant matter or matters and swiftly assign each event to the appropriate person. They can even set multiple reminders for each event.

Using the built-in filters for appointments, deadlines, tasks, and reminders and showing them on a calendar or as a list, they can easily identify the events that require attention and ensure nothing gets missed.

What’s more, Clarra allows users to designate events as milestones, which showcase the events considered most critical to the success of the matter when required.

Quick to organize

Highly effective legal professionals use Clarra’s Contacts feature to manage their connections efficiently on a single platform. They also take advantage of Clarra’s Mail Log features to bring the final documents and correspondence associated with the matter they handle together in one place. This allows users to view a file and share it with others quickly.

Without Clarra, they would have to manually organize their contacts, files, and correspondence using traditional methods and multiple tools. They would have to use separate tools to link contacts and documents to relevant matters, potentially causing communication and collaboration challenges. As a result, their early morning routine may not be as efficient as they would like.

More efficient and competitive

Before diving into their tasks, they activate Clarra’s timekeeping feature to accurately record the time spent on each activity. This allows them to save and update timeslips for each task or case, ensuring transparency and improving time management.

Moreover, they generate Reports from Clarra’s built-in Reports feature or create their own using Clarra’s Custom Report Builder, effortlessly gathering data on crucial metrics. This enables them to stay informed and make data-driven decisions throughout the day.

By the time office hours begin, these legal professionals have already gained a competitive edge, having used Clarra to optimize their early morning routines. They start the day ready and confident in their ability to be effective, efficient, and productive.

More time for what really matters

As Iffy Ibekwe aptly puts it, “By structuring your workday in a way that allows you to focus on critical tasks for an extended period, you get more done.” Clarra lets you do exactly that.

With Clarra’s efficient features, legal professionals can now complete their initial planning more swiftly and effectively, eliminating the need for a rushed or stressful morning and avoiding the risk of exceeding their usual 40-hour work week.

This newfound efficiency gives them the valuable gift of extra time, which they can use to enjoy a leisurely morning breakfast, dive into in-depth research, or engage in meaningful interactions with clients.

Clarra allows legal professionals to start their day with a sense of organization and efficiency, allowing them to approach their work with calm and confidence.


Highly effective lawyers leverage the power of Clarra legal software to optimize their early morning routines, setting the stage for a productive and efficient day. By embracing this innovative solution, legal professionals gain a competitive edge and free up valuable time for personal growth and well-being.

Clarra is purpose-built for efficiency, catalyzing success, and helping lawyers achieve professional excellence and a balanced lifestyle.

If you want to get a first-hand experience of how Clarra case management software makes it so simple to manage caseloads, request a demo now.