9 Legal Case Management Software Features that Boost Firm Productivity

In a bid to work smarter and better, lawyers are turning to legal tech to automate their law firm’s manual processes.

Legal management software enables legal professionals and their staff members to manage their time more efficiently.

Here are nine key features of a good legal management software that can boost your firm’s productivity:

1. Contact Management

With a centralized app for your contacts, you can easily keep track of all your team members, partners, clients, and judges and readily associate each contact with pertinent matters.

2. Case Management

Having a centralized hub for your firms’ caseloads can enhance collaboration and productivity. This provides a place for firm employees to upload documents and view all events relevant to matters.

3. Document Storage

Depending on your chosen software, cloud-based document storage ensures that important documents are readily accessible at your firm’s fingertips regardless of where you are.

4. Calendaring

This feature helps you stay on top of important dates by tracking events and deadlines. It can also automate calculating dockets and integrating with CalendarRules, Outlook, and other calendars.

5. Time-tracking

With a time-tracking app, you can record the time, billing rates, and resources associated with each matter whether billed to a client or not.

6. Reporting

You can create custom reports and keep track of important trends and details across matters. You can use an SQL report builder to streamline reporting.

7. Mail log

Integration with a Mail app enables you to log incoming and outgoing mail, documents, and correspondence. It also makes it easier to find documents faster without cluttering the system with pre-final versions.

8. User Controls

With user controls, you can set reminders, customize data properties, integrate calendars, set access controls, and enable multi-factor authentication for added security.

9. Integrations

This feature allows you to integrate your legal management software with existing or newer applications to optimize your workflows.

A good legal management software solution can streamline your law firm’s processes so you can work more efficiently and productively and ultimately focus on what really matters: your clients.

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