3 Ways Legal Practice Management Software Increases Productivity

All roads lead to digital, and the legal profession is no exception. This has become even more evident in the wake of the pandemic and the widespread shift to remote work arrangements. It is time to take a step back and reassess outdated traditions and practices that contribute to inefficiency and can lower a law firm’s quality of service.

Here are three of the best reasons why your firm should use a cloud-based legal practice management software:

Efficient Organization

Of course, attorneys and their professional staff must have a firm grasp of case records and documents to perform their duties. However, this is easier said than done, since a law practice typically has to manage hundreds of legal documents on a daily basis, with the volume easily reaching the thousands per week. These legal documents — which include affidavits, pleadings, and motions — must be stored safely because they are crucial to the client’s case. It is essential to have a well-organized filing system. Otherwise, important legal documents can be misplaced, lost, or destroyed.

In addition, one can get lost making sense of appointments, deadlines, tasks, and reminders associated with the matters, not only within the firm, but also with clients and co-counsel.

Clarra’s legal practice management software has features that enable law firms to organize anything related to their clients’ matters , safely and efficiently. With Clarra’s help, appointments are kept, court dates are not missed, and records are never lost, destroyed, or misplaced.

Digitization of Records

Work-from-home arrangements have become commonplace, which means that legal professionals may not be able to access their case files or legal documents when they are away from the office.

Clarra’s legal practice management software allows for digitizing legal documents and case files. No more boxes of papers stored in dusty basements. This outdated storage method makes documents susceptible to moisture, mold, and mildew damage. On the other hand, digitized files will not deteriorate and can be accessed by law firm members at any time and anywhere.

Digitizing documents also allows law firms to create default templates that firm members can edit by simply typing in the case number, case name, and other important details. This eliminates the need to recreate each document every time it is needed.

Improved Communication

Meeting with clients is an essential part of law practice. Clarra’s legal practice management software enables users to schedule appointments with clients through its Events feature. This feature reminds legal practitioners when they have a meeting or deadline. Firm members can also set up video calls to make it much easier to communicate and connect with clients.

Mail Log is another feature that helps improve client service by ensuring that all communications are duly logged — both incoming and outgoing — with notifications sent to law firm members.


All these features, which come with Clarra’s cloud-based law practice and legal case management software, have a net benefit: a significant increase in productivity for law firm members.

Since law firm staff no longer have to go through stacks of paper to find the correct document, they are free to concentrate on more important matters. All necessary case files and legal documentation can be securely accessed anywhere and anytime. Communications are logged and lawyers are reminded of important events — making sure that they never miss any meetings or appointments, which in turn leads to better customer satisfaction.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now to learn how Clarra can improve the productivity of your law firm!