About Clarra

Clarra was founded in 2021 initially to address the need for modern legal case management for litigation firms. While there were many legal case management providers, none were easy to use or optimized for litigation. Seeing the need for case management across industries, Clarra redesigned its platform to be customizable for law firms, entertainment companies, insurers, and enterprises of all sizes to reduce their reliance on spreadsheets and antiquated software to manage their businesses.

Started by two friends, Todd Schneider and Keao Caindec, sitting under the redwood trees in Northern California. Todd’s and Keao’s kids had grown up together since pre-school, and the two shared a love of music. They even played in a band together.

Todd had built a successful multi-practice law firm, Schneider Wallace Cottrell Konecky LLP, that had grown to more than ninety attorneys over the last 30 years. Keao has built several successful technology companies. Todd, an attorney and software programmer, had developed software to help him run his firm, and he always wanted to make that software available to other firms. After discussing the potential and challenges of creating cloud-based applications using Todd’s software and methodologies as the initial inspiration, Keao jumped at the opportunity to build another great company.

Eugenia Gueorguieva, who had headed up operations at Todd’s law firm and worked with developers to modernize the firm’s software, joined Todd and Keao, all as co-founders, and Clarra was born. Clarra spent the next two years as a small and mighty team developing the next generation of legal tech software optimized for litigation. Through word-of-mouth and direct outreach, Clarra has grown its customer base significantly.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Clarra.

Clarra is a legal tech software company founded in 2021 that provides a cloud-based case management application optimized for high-volume, docket-driven litigation. Clarra is easy to use, efficient, and affordable. Unlike other case management platforms designed primarily for transactional law firms, Clarra improves litigation life cycle management by simplifying docket management and document processing to ensure no deadlines are missed. Clarra is customizable for related industries such as public adjusting, insurance, finance, med-legal, and claims administration.

Clarra is optimized for litigation

Our interface is easy to understand and intuitive. We’ve tried very hard to remove complexity from our application. But here’s the secret: It’s easy because it was built for litigation, so it makes sense. Here are some of the ways we are different from other case management platforms:

  1. Matter-centric approach
  2. Intuitive interface that maps to the litigation life cycle
  3. Closed-loop docketing to ensure deadlines are never missed
  4. Self-service customization
  5. Insightful dashboards and custom reporting

Clarra is highly efficient (and powerful)

We've tried to make Clarra a powerful tool for users to get more done. Here are some of the ways we improve efficiency:

  1. Quicklinks that provide one-click access to the exact information you need about a matter
  2. Docketing automation that simplifies the management of deadlines, tasks, appointments, and reminders
  3. Fast and simple timekeeping
  4. Custom reports that allow firms to keep track of the status of matters, deadlines, timekeeping, documents, and recoveries
  5. Custom properties and fields that allow firms to customize Clarra for their needs

Clarra is affordable

Clarra is $47 per user per month, 25 to 50 percent less than other case management solutions.

Clarra also has a free option that allows a firm to use Clarra for up to five open matters forever.

With 600 percent caseload efficiency gains, Clarra is the apparent choice for litigation and other businesses that require bulletproof case management such as insurance, public adjusting, medical-legal, licensing and rights management, etc.

With streamlined management of matters, events, documents, timekeeping, recoveries, and reporting, our clients have benefited from Clarra by:
  • Improving caseload efficiency by 600 percent
  • Adding thousands of new matters without adding staff
  • Increasing visibility with detailed custom reporting
  • Reducing the cost of case management by 25 to 50 percent
  • Migrating to Clarra with fast data migration and onboarding in weeks, not months

Clarra is designed for firms and litigation practices of all sizes, including:

  • Solo practitioners looking to adopt affordable legal technology
  • Small law firms that need to manage high-volume litigation
  • Midsize, multi-practice law firms that need to scale efficiently
  • Defense litigation practices in large law firms that need better visibility and control over the litigation process
  • Public adjusters and insurers that need a better way to manage claims
  • Litigation and claims financing companies
  • Med-legal, lienholders, and claims administrators

Customers are assigned a Customer Success Manager (CSM) responsible for ensuring a smooth transition to Clarra. The CSM manages the planning, data migration, onboarding, training, and cutover to Clarra.

Getting started is simple. Go to clarra.com and click on Sign Up.

Here’s what our clients say about Clarra

Hear directly from our clients about their experiences with Clarra. Discover how our matter management system has transformed their practices, enhancing efficiency and client satisfaction.