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Make your firm more efficient as you cost-effectively move toward favorable resolutions for your clients

Matter Management Software Designed for Law Firms, Customizable for Any Industry

Easily track documents, correspondence, events, deadlines, resources, and contacts associated with a matter.

Track Final Documents

Track all final documents and correspondence. Clarra also simplifies mail distribution.

Never Miss Court Deadlines

Track your deadlines and events. Integrate with court calendars, Outlook, and other calendars to simplify docketing.

Keep Track of Contacts

Keep track of all of your team members, partners, clients, judges, and contacts associated with a matter.

How we've helped our clients


Implemented clients with 1000s of matters in <30 days


Increased attorney to staff ratio by 6x

4,000+New cases

Added 4,000+ new cases without adding staff


Priced at 30 to 50% less than aternative solutions

Seamlessly Integrate with Top Applications

Clarra integrates with Zapier, giving you access to thousands of apps and automation options

Clarra streamlines complex case details and resource management for your firm’s matters. Experience clarity and simplicity in practice management with us.

Improve Efficiency for Docket-driven Litigation

Clarra transforms docketing into an asset for your case strategy. Seamlessly track deadlines across jurisdictions with our integration with your calendar and CalendarRules, simplifying your docket management while saving time and reducing errors.

Your Single Source of Truth for Case Management

Clarra—your one-stop source for tracking resources, timekeeping, billing, and expenses. Our unified platform simplifies reporting, accelerates expense recovery, and expedites fee and settlement collections.

We Help These Industries

Clarra champions efficiency across diverse sectors, providing tailor-made case management solutions. From legal practice to healthcare, we empower professionals to accelerate outcomes and streamline operations.

Legal Practices

Law firms and legal departments navigate challenges and opportunities as they manage a high volume of cases and pursue growth and efficiency. Key drivers for law firms include steady revenue from repetitive litigation and attracting clients through successful outcomes.

General Counsel and In-House litigators face challenges like efficiently handling increased caseloads and maintaining operational efficiency amidst the need for continuous technology upgrades.


Leaders such as presidents, general counsel, and CFOs in management companies and agencies tackle challenges like negotiating complex contracts, ensuring legal compliance, and managing client relationships. They also focus on strategic growth, litigation, ethical considerations, and technological updates.

Essential to their roles is access to detailed contract information, licensing, and client objectives to optimize outcomes. Balancing these needs with strategic business goals, they leverage their expertise to drive success and maintain a competitive edge.


Public insurance adjusters, insurers, and independent brokers all navigate challenges such as managing high-volume tasks, scaling operations to respond to emergencies and natural disasters, and expanding into new specialties without sacrificing service quality.

Efficient operations and improved visibility drive growth and better customer services, but diversification requires new skills and tools.  Continued investment in technology and training is crucial for adjusters to efficiently manage growth and remain competitive in the dynamic insurance market.


C-suite leaders, General Counsel, and heads of litigation in heavily regulated industries face common challenges such as ensuring legal compliance, negotiating complex contracts, managing client relationships, overseeing financial strategies, and risk mitigation. Having detailed information about contracts, legal precedents, licensing, rights, and client goals is crucial for optimizing outcomes.

About Clarra

Clarra provides cloud-based case management software optimized for litigation and legal operations. Clarra enables law firms, insurers, adjusters, entertainment companies, and enterprises to accelerate growth, modernize case management, and reduce costs.

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