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Learn how Clarra will make your firm more efficient as you cost-effectively move toward favorable resolutions for your clients.

Keep It Simple and Never Miss a Deadline

Easily track documents, correspondence, events, deadlines, resources, and contacts associated with a matter.

Track Final Documents

Track all final documents and correspondence. Clarra also simplifies mail distribution.

Never Miss a Court Deadline

Track your deadlines and events. Integrates with court calendars, Outlook and other calendars to simplify docketing.

Keep Track of Contacts

Keep track of all of your team members, partners, clients, judges, and contacts associated with a matter.

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Improve visibility across your law firm

Clarra simplifies managing the complex details and resources associated with all matters across your firm. Try us to experience a brighter and simpler way to manage your practice.

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Improve efficiency for docket-driven litigation

Docketing is crucial to your case strategy, and keeping track of deadlines across matters and jurisdictions is challenging. Clarra’s integration with your calendar and CalendarRules greatly simplifies docketing and helps you save time and eliminate errors.

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Your single source of truth for case management

Keeping track of resources, timekeeping, billing, and expenses over the course of a case can be difficult. With Clarra, all of your information is in one place, and creating reports couldn’t be easier. Clarra will help you recover expenses and collect fees and settlements faster.

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Clarra is ideal for


Clarra gives attorneys a single source of truth for all the complex details and resources associated with matters so they can easily manage events, mail, contacts, timekeeping, and recoveries.


Clarra’s task management, tracking, and integrated calendar features allow paralegals and legal assistants save time and simplify reporting of deadlines and tasks.


With Clarra, firm managers will be able to track activities and gauge productivity across the firm, with a keen eye on caseload, timekeeping, events, deadlines, and recoveries.